Everyday new changes come into perspective which we did not expect. What can you do once you find out something you do not know the outcome to? The feeling is a different feeling. It is not scared, anger it is more like shocked. Shocked with a feeling of not knowing how to react. You should not stress it….as hard as that is….try not to.


When there are decisions that are out of your hands the best thing you could do is just put it in the back of your mind because at the end of the day you can not control the outcome. Keep on going as if things did not change. Living day by day will bring a new approach to your life. Things may happen to change your life but it could be for the better even if it does not feel like it at the moment. Change brings new opportunities. Instead of preparing for the worst.. prepare for the best.



Keep getting better and watch others keep getting bitter.


People say they want you to do well but remember people do not want to EVER see you doing better them them. Overall as the years pass we learn more and more about people. Everyone is so different. Some are needy while others are so laid back. Who are you? You are who you surround yourself with. Are you happy with that? Realize that everyone is different in their own ways. . . and naturally you can not change them. Discover who they really are.. may take years till you really see. I feel like I keep learning more and more about humans everyday. Yet everything and everyone is really a lesson learned for the future. There are people who want to help or hurt you on this earth. You need to really learn who to trust over time and experience. But what do you do when you have bitterness in your life you can not seem to rid? Cut them out. It is up to you to get rid of the energy…Who do you want to be?





We see what we want

Open your eyes and your mind. Think outside of the box. Stop lying to yourself and accept the truth. Once accepted you will move on in life and go on to flow with new changes. It is hard to put things in the past when we keep seeing what we want to see. Keeping the same thoughts in your mind, replaying the past will only lead you to the past. At times it is like we have a little fight in our own head about what to do in life and situations which come naturally. Accepting reality is the first thing which people need to do in order to move past something but it is also the hardest step to make in your life. Don’t live you life with your eyes closed. 

Step Back

Sometimes you need to take a step back from everyone around you. People in your life everyday can impact you little by little. Seeing people too much may cause you to get annoyed by someone. The best thing to do once in a while is to take a step back from people and if you could get away from the area and do something which will relax your mind and body. As humans we get annoyed and sometimes it happens with people who we love the most.. but it still happens. Taking a few days away from seeing this person or group of people can help you repair the bond. You do not want to over do the friendship because at the end of the day we all need our personal alone time. If you know this feeling is coming or is present take the time to take a step back before you do something you will regret later.


Going out of town for a few days is a great way to relax your mind. When you are out of town it seems that you have a weight lifted off of your shoulders because you are away from everyone who is contacting you from home. You are not available or in the area. A tip I do myself while on vacation is leaving the cell phone in your bag or bedroom. When you are away from your phone you feel this freedom. It is crazy how much technology has advanced in the past years but it also has effected us as humans. We are always on call. We always have a way to reach someone and we know that they will check their cell phone. It is a constant human connection that has to be broken from time to time.


Having your mind clear will help you engage with others and have you thinking in the right state of mind. I know not all of us can just get up and go on a weekend getaway but it is something like this which you can plan in advanced. Another alternative, would be just taking a walk in nature. When you go and spend some time outside on a beautiful day it can change your mood and your mindset. Spending time alone outside or with a friend just walking or reading a book can make your day better. I live by a mountain which serves also as a park. After a stressful day at work, on some days I just take a ride to the mountain sit out on the bench and read or walk around the park. It makes me feel more relaxed and gather my thoughts and feelings about what is currently going on in my life. It helps you collect your thoughts. I also like looking at the beauties of nature. This is something which helps me but everyone is different and another tactic may help someone else better. My grandmother loves to spend her time gardening and has said how it helps her relax. This is something she has grown to love and even if she does not realize this helps her clear her mind and calm down. Find what helps you.. Learn whats the best for you.. Take time out of your day to spend alone.. Treat yourself and make sure you are living a happy life.

One step ahead..

Why hate someone when you know the truth about them. You can feel it when someone does not like you but in reality you are one step ahead of them. You know how they feel and it is hidden in their eyes. Yet, when you act like the bigger person it seems to make the haters even more mad. Being nice to someone who does not like you may become an option for some when it is a family member or a friends friend…ect. I always think of it as I know that they are fake and I know the truth but for them they do not know I know.. so I am smarter then them. Sometimes it is better to keep your friends close and enemies closer. Your enemies may even disguise themselves as your friends, don’t get fooled. It is easy to tell the difference. A real friendship is easy it is not hard or complicated. Keep your wits on high. Honestly if someone does not like you it is because they are jealous of some aspect of your life. You do not hate on people who are below you or whom do not pose a threat to. Why would you hate on the homeless woman on the NYC street? You would not because there is no reason. Yet, people would hate on the woman dressed in all designer clothing walking down a NYC street. Think about it………bring something to the table.. and always keep your knowledge of the hate to yourself.


Emotions will flow as the days go on. Everyday is a new day and with that being said it also comes along with new feelings. When you wake up in the morning you decide how you want the day to go. There are those days when you may be sad and you really can not control it. We all have our good and bad days. When you are having a bad day it may seem like you have a dark cloud following you around. From thoughts in your head to the dream you have it may be negative because of the mindset you are carrying around with the emotion.


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When you set your mind to desire something there is really nothing stopping you from getting it except the effort you put forward in achieving it. Think about a goal and work your way to it. For example, if you are not loving yourself as much lately and are feeling down about yourself.. think about future goals you have for yourself or what changes you can make to make your life better.You hate your boss.. apply to 10 new jobs 1 or 2 will call you back. If you feel like you could look better… go to the gym or start walking around the neighbor hood. Working out can become an escape and also really makes you feel better inside and out. Find the root of the problem and try to make changes to achieve the goal. If you feel that you are not feeling your best and continue living the life you live you will never have a change within emotion. Also, change comes with time and you will set your mind on achieving the passion even if it is chasing money. Your goal will become your focus point in life and everything else will come along naturally.