They’ll either want to kill you, kiss you, or be you.

Everyday we go throughout our lives and we have many different types of people surrounding us. We must always beware of people because they may act one way to our face and another behind our back. There are people out there that will lie to you straight in your face. There is also one special person out there that will treat you like the best thing that has ever walked earth.

They will either want to kill you, kiss you or be you. In the fact is there are three different types of people. The people who want to kill you are just haters to put it in the best terms. The haters are always going to be negative about you and anything you do. Do not be surprised that sometimes these are the people who might be closest to you but true colors always shine.

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They want to kiss you, there will always be people out there that think you are beautiful and may want to pursue. Always keep an open mind in this field because the person may have been in front of you the whole time. You never know who your true love is if you stay in a bad relationship or situation. Believe in your heart yet be smart about your time. Last, they want to be you. These are the people who are jealous about your life. It is more personal hate because they will be nice to you face yet in their mind they are full of jealousy. They may copy your style or try to steal your man. This ranges because it matters on the situation. 

Overall we need to always stay true to ourselves and do what makes us happy. People are always going to talk, so might as well give them something to talk about. Always do what you feel is right and makes you happy. Stay positive. 


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