Ever feel so alone that you do not know where to turn. You want someone to be there for you at all times giving you that love and affection yet, no one is near to be found. Lost in the world which is so crowed yet you feel so alone. At times you wish you can just have someone laying by your side yet, no one is there. You want to talk to someone yet, they do not contact you. Trust me we all go through these feelings at one point or another in life. Sometimes when you are feeling so alone you must remember that there is a reason you are going through this time. There may be another door opening for you or something waiting to happen. Everything happens for a reason. I know it is hard to not be down but always keep busy, surround yourself with people who will bring you up. Most importantly stop searching for the one who will be there for you, because they will come on their own. Do not force anything to happen. Trust me time will do its work. 


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