How long do you wait?

How long do you wait to start talking to someone new after breaking up? I feel like this is a question only the people going through this can answer. I do believe that you do need time because you do not want to jump into something and make that person end up being your rebound. You may have had a crush or feelings with this person before who you have been thinking about lately but you do not want to rush because that may make things worse.

I am personally going through this myself and i want to ask for any other opinions on this topic from the fellow readers. I believe that talking to people and making your self known is okay to do after a breakup. Especially if you have been having a rough time with this person and they did not treat you right. Just have fun and remember that happiness comes from within. If you are living a happy life continue on that path because it is better to be alone and happy than with someone and sad. Love youself ❤


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