Life Flow

Sometimes i just stop to think how much my life has changed. Within the past 3 years I have learned more then I ever have in my whole life. About life, people, trust..ect. Life always is changing and you really need to realize the most important thing is to live life for yourself and your happiness. Taking chances is the only way you will make progress and change for the better in life. Do not be scared to make a change. Doing the same thing and thinking the same thoughts will only lead to the same motions and outcomes. Life is a gift we all were given with and we should cherish. Life throws you curve balls but then its your choice to make the final decision. The past is the past but you have to honestly take what has happened in your life and learn from it.


Everyone has a story and it shapes you into the person who you are today. All the experiences have made you change. Bringing the past or something which did not work is just going to end up in the same outcome because the past will repeat itself. Change is not something to fear. People will walk in and out of your life, even family. You need to stay strong and live your life the way you wish to. When the past tries to walk back in your life think about why it is in the past. Make future moves, look forward not back. Keep flowing, keep living, focus on yourself and your happiness and things will naturally fall into place.



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