Fake People

Today i just feel like everyone is fake. It is hard to fine someone who is truly going to have your back and be 100% with you on everything. Most people you think are your friend are not. You can feel the vibes in the air sometimes and we all know it, when we get that feeling, maybe an awkward moment. I just think that today in life the best thing we can really do is stay true to yourself. When we stay true and be the person we really are the positive energy will attract more positive outcomes in our lives. At this stage in my life i am honestly going with the vibe flow. What is meant to happen happens. If you think someone is acting shady or some type of way you should follow what you feel. We are overall the leaders of our future, and we do not want to be bringing fakes along to drag us down our path. Ride with people who push you to success and are happy for you! Do not trust anyone, i learned the hard way and now i know better. You have YOUR back.


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