You know when you get that weird feeling in a room or feelings around people. Sometimes not even in a negative aspect just a feeling or as I like to say vibes. Vibes are in the air its the tension or energy you may feel when you are in the same place as someone you do not like. Its that moment when you see your ex at the bar or your crush at the mall.

Vibes can be positive or negative its the way you decide to handle the situation. At the end of the day, it is about YOUR outlook. If you decide to be positive about something that happened it will shape the whole issue. You can be sad but think about the good aspects in the long run and how those will effect your life.

positive vibes

Do not doubt vibes because they are there. It’s really all about the energy you put out and in that is how you will receive your results. The vibes in the air can tell us something but we also produce our own vibes. An example would be, going to a party. Some parties or clubs you will feel safe and have a good night = positive vibes. Others you will be paranoid and you feel uncomfortable because of the people = negative vibes. Just remember you have the power to turn negative vibes to positive vibes.


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