Travel the World with me…

This summer I went out of the country to Dominican Republic. It was a wonderful experience with many beautiful beaches and adventurers. Overall, this trip has inspired me to travel outside of the country more. I want to travel all over the world one day within the USA. Yet, DR opened my eyes to a new outlook on how people live. It shows us the different way of life. Not everyone lives the way we do in the United States. Also, other countries have hidden beauty within. I want to explore all the beautiful beaches and nature spots the universe has given us. Here are a few pictures of my time spent in DR.

Macao beach

Macao beach

This was one of the best experiences of my life. Macao beach is hands down the most beautiful beach I have ever went to in my life. I thought that South beach was nice but this does not even compare. When I was there I felt like I was in a calendar picture hanging on the wall.

I want to continue the path of traveling outside of the country and exploring new cultures. Life is too short! Enjoy every moment and live in the moment. You need to take risks and do things you want to do. I met these two women in DR, in their early 30’s. They travel out of the country and told me, that money can always be made but memories can not. This is so true once you think about it. You spend money to go on these adventures with friends or family. The memories and experiences you achieve are priceless….

Travel and live life to the fullest with the people you love.

Elisas pic- DR

Elisas pic- DR


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