People are so diverse in many different ways. Qualities, values, experiences, mindset, perspectives and outlooks all shape a person. At 21 years old I just feel that i have met so many different types of people. Off the bat, i know that not everyone is like me. I do believe that people are in fact placed in our lives for a reason. Everyone makes a mark on someone whether it teaches you a lesson or gaining a valuable friendship or love from it. I thank the people who were there for me in my dark moments and when i was dealing with hard times. Sometimes those are the people you may never forget. The only thing you can do is be yourself and have an open mindset with people because you do not know their story or what they are battling internally.


Don’t abuse peoples feelings or kindness because once they have had enough they will walk away from the negative vibes. The best thing to do is always be honest not only with others but within yourself. Honesty in accepting issues/changes. Honesty with others regarding feelings or problems in life. As I said before, you have the power to your future and your success. Do not let anything or anyone hold your potential back. You deserve to flourish in every way possible.


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