They don’t want you to be Successful

Sike… This isnt Dj Khaleds’ blog don’t worry. They don’t want us to eat breakfast… ok I’ll stop for now. I have been so busy with finals week and work that I have not have had time to blog but I am back now. What to rant about today hmmmmmmmmm…

Learning more and more everyday and gathering my goals and future plans. I have realized to live for yourself and your happiness and no one else. This may seem like something people “know”. I see so many people unhappy and I know why, because I am an outside view and I have experienced it myself in the past. When people are trapped you see them basically living their life around someone else. This is a huge no for the life game. Changes are not easy, that’s a FACT. Honestly, sometimes you have to make a change you really do not want to but you have to for your self. After a while when you find yourself again your life will really change in positive ways.

Hang out with new people, start a new hobby, go to the gym, go shopping even start a blog. Start little by little doing what you like to do and take risks too! If you enjoy music, go to a concert or start making your own mixes. Hanging out with new people is key. Even hanging out with family!

DJ Khaled is on another one with his SnapChat stories but he does make some sense SOMETIMES. Its all about following your goals and achieving them. Anything you want you really can have, its just about what you do to get it. The big picture. Being successful doesn’t always mean being rich (I still want to be rich) but, overall we all have dreams. Follow them. Live your life for you. I learned early in my life, thank god. Anything you set your mind to you can do and if your sad only you can make yourself happy. Look at DJ Khaled riding his jet skis racking up those tickets. Another one…..another one… they don’t want us to have fun they want our money. Ladies I know you want to be in his hot tub. I just want his house/elevator/personal chef… my goals -him.



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