Universal Signs

Believe or not the universe sends you signs. Its up to you to listen to them. Have you ever had a dream that something was going to happen and it did? Have you ever thought about someone and then later on in the day that person may call you or see you some place. The vibes you put out produce the energy it retracts. Keeping the mind positive will bring back the positive energy which we all wish to achieve in our lives. When negative energy comes testing you, you must disengage and not get caught up within it.

Negative will only attract more negativity. Think about it like this… you are with a group of people who are always sad and not doing much with their lives, you will slowly adapt to their emotions and the energy which is produced in the setting you wish to place yourself in. If you choose to spend your time with someone adventurous or someone who loves to paint and create art work then your energy will be pushed in a different manner. Surround yourself with the energy you want in your life. It is really up to you to control your life and even if bad things happen there are ways you can cope and change the outcome. Keep your mind right and clear. Do not dwell because when things happen you may learn from it and move on. Everyone has their fair share of bad days, but it is the way you handle the bad day. Push the energy out you wish to receive.




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