Real Friends Vs. Fake Friends

Everyday we encounter people and everyone is vastly different in their own special ways. Over some time I have come to realize that not everyone is like me. Not everyone thinks the same, thinks the same, loves the same, works the same, feels the same, speaks the same, ect. Humans are so different and not everyone connects on the same levels others do. More then just relationships, even friendships. Think about your current friendships… are they producing positive energy in your life or negativity. Why would you want your friends, the people who you are supposed to count on, and have things in common with, put you down? Friends are there to support you and bring you up. Those are the people helping you in life or enjoy spending time with you. If you have a friend who is doing the opposite, are they really your friend? A friend would not think twice to give you advice or tell you your outfit looks bad. What we look for in a friend reflects on ourselves. When a person may not like me I rather know and not be fooled by fake energy. Being nice to someone who does not like you makes you fake because all people know and feel the vibe when someone dislikes them, even the tiniest bit. Yet, most the time people are not honest.. seems like a hard thing for people to do.. BE HONEST. How hard is it to tell someone the truth? Not hard at all, and being honest is the best thing to do because there really is no reason to lie to your friends.


Friends – going  back to that you really need to think about your friends from time to time. Friends will get into fights or arguments no doubt about it but there is a difference between a toxic friendship and a healthy one. Notice patterns through your friendships. Think about past thoughts and present feelings. Is the friendship valid? Does it help you feel happy or progress in life? A friend could be that shoulder to cry on but after you cry do they tell all your details to another person. Surround yourself with people on the same path you are on. People who care about you and push you to do greater things. People who make you happy. People who keep your secrets. Number one thing for me is people who are honest. If your friends are putting you down and being rude, why do you want to surround yourself with negativity energy? The negativity will reflect on the feelings you have inside. Cut people off who don’t do anything to better your life. It may not be easy but you need to think about it, does this person really care or want you to be happy in your life. It’s not about the giving and receiving with objects or money, more about emotional giving and receiving. A friendship is a two way street.


Look for REAL people and KEEP those around. It is very hard to find true friends, but once you do, you will know who’s your real friend and who’s not.



  1. This post was very relatable. I had some “fake friends” in the past that didn’t show their true colors at first. Great post excellent insight

  2. I have a friendship post swarming about in my mind and in my iPhone’s notes. This is pretty close to what I would say.

  3. great write up! as we get older we tend to have less friends, which isn’t a bad thing I found out…. and yay, I’m glad you’re back to blogging!

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