Today it seems that everyone has one common problem………being honest. Being honest with each other would be thought as a no brainier. Yet, why does everyone seem to love to lie when telling the truth is so easy. With friends for example, there is really no reason to lie to each other. In a friendship you have to respect the other persons decisions at the end of the day because you can not control them. Usually people lie because they are scared or do not want to tell the person the truth due to the reaction it will cause. In the end lies catch up to people and at times people will get caught in their lies.




Telling someone the truth is the easiest thing because you have nothing to worry about, you are being transparent and living your life. Everyone is different but the easiest thing to do at the end of the day is to be an honest person. Being honest may not always be easy and people may not like it. Yet, it is the best thing to do and people will respect the honesty even if it got them mad at some point. People usually do not want to hear what they NEED to hear.Be an honest person to the people close to you in life.


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