When you set your mind to desire something there is really nothing stopping you from getting it except the effort you put forward in achieving it. Think about a goal and work your way to it. For example, if you are not loving yourself as much lately and are feeling down about yourself.. think about future goals you have for yourself or what changes you can make to make your life better.You hate your boss.. apply to 10 new jobs 1 or 2 will call you back. If you feel like you could look better… go to the gym or start walking around the neighbor hood. Working out can become an escape and also really makes you feel better inside and out. Find the root of the problem and try to make changes to achieve the goal. If you feel that you are not feeling your best and continue living the life you live you will never have a change within emotion. Also, change comes with time and you will set your mind on achieving the passion even if it is chasing money. Your goal will become your focus point in life and everything else will come along naturally.


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