Emotions will flow as the days go on. Everyday is a new day and with that being said it also comes along with new feelings. When you wake up in the morning you decide how you want the day to go. There are those days when you may be sad and you really can not control it. We all have our good and bad days. When you are having a bad day it may seem like you have a dark cloud following you around. From thoughts in your head to the dream you have it may be negative because of the mindset you are carrying around with the emotion.


When having a bad day and you feel like you can not control it surround yourself with people you love or enjoy spending time with. Spending time with someone will take your mind off of the feelings which are bringing you down. Personally, I have these days once in a while which I may dwell of a past connection or even struggle with myself and what I am doing currently in my life. When this happens I always try to direct my energy in a way which keeps my mind busy. I always would like to be with a friend or family member. If not I will read a book or go to the gym. After directing my energy to something else I feel better inside. Just remember it is just a bad day not a bad life. Tomorrow is a new day with new choices and decisions to be made. Control your emotions do not let them control you and do things that you love and make you happy.



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  1. Great post, I definitely agree with you that when you are having a bad day surround yourself with positive people. People that will lift up your spirits. Look forward to future post. Check mine out when you get the chance 🙂

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