One step ahead..

Why hate someone when you know the truth about them. You can feel it when someone does not like you but in reality you are one step ahead of them. You know how they feel and it is hidden in their eyes. Yet, when you act like the bigger person it seems to make the haters even more mad. Being nice to someone who does not like you may become an option for some when it is a family member or a friends friend…ect. I always think of it as I know that they are fake and I know the truth but for them they do not know I know.. so I am smarter then them. Sometimes it is better to keep your friends close and enemies closer. Your enemies may even disguise themselves as your friends, don’t get fooled. It is easy to tell the difference. A real friendship is easy it is not hard or complicated. Keep your wits on high. Honestly if someone does not like you it is because they are jealous of some aspect of your life. You do not hate on people who are below you or whom do not pose a threat to. Why would you hate on the homeless woman on the NYC street? You would not because there is no reason. Yet, people would hate on the woman dressed in all designer clothing walking down a NYC street. Think about it………bring something to the table.. and always keep your knowledge of the hate to yourself.


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