Step Back

Sometimes you need to take a step back from everyone around you. People in your life everyday can impact you little by little. Seeing people too much may cause you to get annoyed by someone. The best thing to do once in a while is to take a step back from people and if you could get away from the area and do something which will relax your mind and body. As humans we get annoyed and sometimes it happens with people who we love the most.. but it still happens. Taking a few days away from seeing this person or group of people can help you repair the bond. You do not want to over do the friendship because at the end of the day we all need our personal alone time. If you know this feeling is coming or is present take the time to take a step back before you do something you will regret later.


Going out of town for a few days is a great way to relax your mind. When you are out of town it seems that you have a weight lifted off of your shoulders because you are away from everyone who is contacting you from home. You are not available or in the area. A tip I do myself while on vacation is leaving the cell phone in your bag or bedroom. When you are away from your phone you feel this freedom. It is crazy how much technology has advanced in the past years but it also has effected us as humans. We are always on call. We always have a way to reach someone and we know that they will check their cell phone. It is a constant human connection that has to be broken from time to time.


Having your mind clear will help you engage with others and have you thinking in the right state of mind. I know not all of us can just get up and go on a weekend getaway but it is something like this which you can plan in advanced. Another alternative, would be just taking a walk in nature. When you go and spend some time outside on a beautiful day it can change your mood and your mindset. Spending time alone outside or with a friend just walking or reading a book can make your day better. I live by a mountain which serves also as a park. After a stressful day at work, on some days I just take a ride to the mountain sit out on the bench and read or walk around the park. It makes me feel more relaxed and gather my thoughts and feelings about what is currently going on in my life. It helps you collect your thoughts. I also like looking at the beauties of nature. This is something which helps me but everyone is different and another tactic may help someone else better. My grandmother loves to spend her time gardening and has said how it helps her relax. This is something she has grown to love and even if she does not realize this helps her clear her mind and calm down. Find what helps you.. Learn whats the best for you.. Take time out of your day to spend alone.. Treat yourself and make sure you are living a happy life.


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