Keep getting better and watch others keep getting bitter.


People say they want you to do well but remember people do not want to EVER see you doing better them them. Overall as the years pass we learn more and more about people. Everyone is so different. Some are needy while others are so laid back. Who are you? You are who you surround yourself with. Are you happy with that? Realize that everyone is different in their own ways. . . and naturally you can not change them. Discover who they really are.. may take years till you really see. I feel like I keep learning more and more about humans everyday. Yet everything and everyone is really a lesson learned for the future. There are people who want to help or hurt you on this earth. You need to really learn who to trust over time and experience. But what do you do when you have bitterness in your life you can not seem to rid? Cut them out. It is up to you to get rid of the energy…Who do you want to be?






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